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I have not received my order. What can I do?

If you haven’t received your order, please try the below methods to solve the problem:

I have not received my refund on my credit card yet. What can I do?

It usually takes around 3-15 business days for the money to arrive.

What is the meaning of each tracking status update?

Each tracking status update work like following

The product I received does not match the description. What can I do?

If you are not satisfied with the product you received, contact us to agree on a solution.

How can I add evidence for return or refund ?

You can send us different supporting information

I have questions about details of a product

If you have any questions about a product

How do I cancel an order?

Before your order is shipped out, you can follow the below steps to cancel it:

Can I change order details such as size, shipping etc.?

Unfortunately, order details cannot be revised after an order has been placed successfully. But

Why is my order not fulfilled after I have already paid?

It may take up to 24 hours to prepare order


Order Status

How to check the status of my placed order?

How to change / cancel my order ?

How to track my shipped order?

Shipping & Delivery

How much time it take ordered product to reach destination ?

Will I have to pay customs/duties/taxes with ePacket shipping?

Will I receive my ordered item guaranteed, safe & securely ?

How to return received defective item & Is there any charges for it ?

Payments & Refunds

How do I make the payment during checkout ?

Is payment system in your site fully safe and secure ?

How to get refund for the item & how many days it take to receive refund ?